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BN candidate’s GE15 campaign went wrong after receiving negative comments from Karen

NewsBN candidate's GE15 campaign went wrong after receiving negative comments from Karen

Several candidates for the GE15 have engaged in public discourse as part of their campaigns.

A 2-minute video of a woman conversing with a candidate went popular on Twitter on November 9 and received over 450,000 views and 8,000 retweets.

She introduces herself as Karen in the video, and Daniel Ling, a BN candidate, is seen standing next to her. She urged everyone in Malaysia to cast a ballot in the GE15.

“At the end of the day, it’s for the future generation. We must drain the swamp and any corruption must be gone because this is the future of Malaysia we’re talking about.”

“Fair government, stable government so that investors can come in, more jobs can be created and there will be more job opportunities for the rakyat.” Daniel stated in strong agreement with this idea.

What has BN done in the past 50 years?

Karen agreed and asked what has BN done in the past 50 years. The candidate says, “I’m trying to serve the people if given the opportunity. I will try my best to serve with my ability, but then I cannot promise you the sky and the moon, because I have limitations”.

“When I was young, my mother would always say that if you cannot do something then you cannot promise other people that.”

He continued by stating that, among other things, broken commitments can lead to the loss of respect. The candidate also stated that he lives his life according to the teachings of his parents.

Anything but corruption?

Following that, Karen discussed the lessons her parents had taught her, including “Don’t steal money, don’t steal other people’s possessions, and don’t steal other people’s money.” However, you already know that it is tainted in Malaysia.

The candidate stepped away and made an effort to depart, but Karen said, “When I talk about corruption, you want to go”.

The video ended there, but we can see Daniel Ling speaking out against corruption during his live stream.

“Everything I do for this campaign, for this election, I use my own money.”

He also said that Hannah Yeoh, the PH candidate, is a “nice lady,” albeit he may not always agree with her methods of operation. Daniel then asked Karen to cast her vote for the best candidate to close the conversation.

Well, this will be a ride for sure! It’s a good thing Karen spoke with the candidate about this. In fact, we advise speaking with your candidates to learn more about their positions and how they may improve your life if they are elected.

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