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Woman spends RM21,000 on 2 Corgi Puppies, but both pass away in a week

Social NewsWoman spends RM21,000 on 2 Corgi Puppies, but both pass away in...

A Singaporean woman who paid S$6,400 (RM21,635.20) for two corgi puppies from an online vendor was saddened when the puppies passed away within a week.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the woman who shared her experience contacted the internet vendor via Xiaohongshu on October 21. She is a volunteer for an animal rescue organisation by the name of Chen.

She paid the remaining S$500 (RM1690.25) after paying the first $500.

The two puppies, as well as the cost of transportation, microchips, and dog food, were all included in the RM21,635.20 price.

The corgi puppies were sent to the woman on October 27 without the food and microchips.

It would come the following day, according to the online vendor.

A staff member spotted the puppies’ skin problems when she went to a pet store to buy dog food.

To her astonishment, the puppies started exhibiting signs like diarrhoea and foaming at the mouth.

As soon as she arrived at the clinic, the woman was informed that the corgi puppies had canine parvovirus, a deadly condition. She then hurriedly took them home.

Unfortunately, less than a week after arriving, the dogs succumbed to the illness and passed away on November 2 and 3, respectively.

Seller goes MIA

When she learned that they suffered from skin conditions, the woman made an attempt to contact the internet seller but was unsuccessful.

She confronted the seller and demanded that he accept responsibility after learning that the dogs had canine parvovirus, but he refused to do so.

After that, he vanished without a trace.

Police report lodged

Before the corgi pups passed away, the woman claimed to have paid S$12,000 (RM40,565.00).

When she tried to ask the seller for compensation or a refund, he just abandoned her.

A police report was filed on the occurrence, and one of the pups’ bodies was later transported for a medical examination.

Lesson learnt

Chen asserts that she thinks the corgis were unlawfully imported into Singapore from Malaysia and adds that incidents like these are frequent occurrences in animal rescue organisations.

She also cautioned others against purchasing dogs from unidentified or dubious sources.

If you want a pet, visit an animal shelter to adopt one rather than buying one.

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