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PSM GE15 candidate declares net assets of RM992.50, netizens find her super relatable!

NewsPSM GE15 candidate declares net assets of RM992.50, netizens find her super...

While it is not a requirement for politicians in Malaysia to declare their assets, PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli made a requirement for all PKR GE15 candidates to declare their assets for public scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) election candidate Bawani KS too, had joined the trend by disclosing her total net worth, but to many surprises, she had only an estimated net asset of RM992.50 as of 1 November 2022.

In a statement, Bawani said that she owns assets worth RM48,563.40 while having debts and liabilities worth RMRM47,570.90, making her net assets worth RM992.50.

She explained that she is earning RM5,000 a month, has RM12,189.41 in her EPF account and spends about RM3,300 per month.

Bawani works as a lawyer and she is a partner at a law firm in Perak.

Meanwhile, PSM said the practice started back in 1999 and it has since become a party tradition.

“This is a very important practice for all candidates, former MPs, and future reps to declare their assets and for the public to know how much assets they have.”

“By declaring our assets, the transparency of the candidates can be portrayed. Then, we can create clean candidates and representatives,” she said.

Source: Sosialis.net

Netizens find it super relatable!

The news about Bawani’s asset has since gone viral on social media, with many praising her for being a good representation of the average Malaysians.

“A true representative of the people. I wish her the best for GE15,” a netizen said.

“The most relatable candidate to majority of Malaysians. I wish her the very best of luck,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, some netizens also called for such practice to be made mandatory for all politicians in the country.

“Would like to call on all politicians to declare their assets. My baseline is this, if you claim to serve the people, can the ordinary folk boarding buses at Nyabugogo, relate to your level of wealth?” one netizen said.

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