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M’sian content creator creates sexy banners and posters to campaign for Muar, gets criticised by netizens instead

Social NewsM'sian content creator creates sexy banners and posters to campaign for Muar,...

It is less than two weeks until the polling date of the 15th General Election (GE15) and candidates contesting for Parliamentary seats are going all out to run campaigns to garner the public’s support for them.

Despite the list of candidates having been finalised, it appears that we’ve got a ‘new’ candidate contesting for the Muar parliamentary seat.

Recently, a photo of a large billboard went viral online, where it showed a beautiful woman named Nurul Bainun Murshidi ‘contesting’ for the Muar parliamentary seat. She was dressed in a sexy low-cut blue top while showing her cleavage.

Apparently, she was campaigning under “Perikanan National” and the slogan of her campaign is ‘Bukan janji tapi pasti!‘ (Not promise but for sure).

It’s a parody!

In her socials, the ‘candidate’ Nurul Bainun (also known as Enon) came up with a list of manifestos that include empowering widows and unmarried men, who are often marginalised by the society. She also promised to make Muar a mosquito-free city.

However, it was later discovered that Enon, who is an online creator, is actually not a real candidate and her campaign was just a parody. The images of her ‘banners’ and ‘billboards’ were photoshopped by her as a joke.

The images of her ‘banners’ and ‘billboards’ have since gone viral on social media but needless to say, her joke did not go well among netizens, and many criticised her for her lack of professionalism.

At the time of writing, Enon responded to the backlash by explaining that the post was intended to be a joke. Unfortunately, netizens were not going well with her explanation, causing her to delete the images and posts altogether. She also put her socials on private mode.

Candidates for Muar constituency

Nurul Bainun is not a candidate for the Muar Parliamentary seat in the upcoming election.

The only three candidates running in Muar are Mohd Helmy Latif for Barisan Nasional (BN), Ustaz Abdullah Husin for Perikatan Nasional (PN), and Syed Saddiq for Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA).

Nonetheless, when it comes to real business, you should vote for candidates that have the capabilities to lead, instead of having an attractive outlook.

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