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Watch: Angry mob in Johor overturns Myvi over to its side, 9 arrested for causing damage

NewsWatch: Angry mob in Johor overturns Myvi over to its side, 9...

There will always be conflicts when an accident happens, but we should focus on resolving the issue instead of lashing out with our emotions.

Recently, a video showing an angry mob involving delivery riders flipping over a blue Myvi had gone viral on social media. The incident is believed to have taken place in Taman Kota Masai, Pasir Gudang, Johor last Thursday (3 November) at about 10.15 pm.

According to Kosmo, an eyewitness said the incident happened after the Myvi ran a red traffic light, which resulted in a collision with a motorcycle that was going through the same junction. It was reported that the delivery rider involved suffered a broken leg from the accident.

“The driver tried to escape but the road ahead was blocked, forcing him to turn into a petrol station before he was mobbed by the crowd,” the eyewitness adds.

Soon after the mob, two patrol cars arrived at the scene, and the Myvi driver together with his vehicle was brought to safety. Nonetheless, the Myvi driver is said to have taunted the crowd, inciting them, which then caused them to break the compact car’s windows and turn it on its side.

Dashcam shows delivery driver at fault

However, in a follow-up, the dashcam footage showed that the Myvi driver was not at fault as he was driving through a green light that was about to turn yellow. Instead, it was the delivery driver who was jumping the red light.

In a follow-up report by Kosmo, the police said that nine individuals who were involved in the incident have since been arrested.

Seri Alam Police Chief Superintendent Mohd Sahaimi Ishak said the suspects aged between 16 to 41-years-old and they will be remanded for four days until 8 November.

He added that of the nine, seven will be charged under Section 427 of the Penal Code for causing ‘mischief and thereby causes loss or damage to the amount of twenty-five ringgit or upwards’. If found guilty, they will face a jail term of not less than one year and not more than five years, in addition to a fine.

Watch the dashcam footage here:

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