Wednesday, March 22, 2023

M’sians call out to Twitter CEO Elon Musk to have Najib’s Twitter account banned for spreading misinformation

Social NewsM'sians call out to Twitter CEO Elon Musk to have Najib's Twitter...

Despite being convicted and sent to jail, former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s socials appear to be active and he is ‘keeping in touch’ with his supporters while sharing GE15 propaganda.

Recently, Najib’s Twitter account shared a video that showed a Pakatan Harapan (PH) politician admitting to her audience that the PH government has not always been good and had its bad moments too.

“Finally, the DAP candidate apologised for PH’s failure and asked to be given one more chance,” he wrote.

Please ban Najib permanently

However, his remarks did not go well with netizens, with many saying that it is enough and they do not want to hear from Najib again. One netizen even called out to the platform and Twitter CEO Elon Musk to suspend Najib’s account.

In a tweet, Astro Awani Anchor and Senior Current Affairs Editor & Astro Executive Producer Ibrahim Sani said, “Hi, the owner of this account is in jail. Like literally. With no access to internet.”

“And yet this account is still active. Clearly someone else is using it. Please permanently suspend this account since it violates Twitter’s Terms of Engagement.”

Meanwhile, many netizens supported Ibrahim and said they could confirm that Najib is in jail and it is clear that someone else is using his account instead.

“Hi,@elonmusk . The request is true and justified as the owner is currently serving jail time and is a state criminal. Please shutdown the account to prevent the account from being abused to spew national bullshittery. The Malaysian folks will be grateful for your assistance,” a netizen said.

“As a Malaysian, I confirm this claim as well. The owner of @NajibRazak is currently incarcerated, an impersonator is clearly using the account to spew misinformation to public,” another netizen said.

“Yes @elonmusk. Please, permanently ban the impostor account. The true owner is in jail and every status made was bad for Malaysia generally. The name itself gave us misfortune till the year 2037,” one netizen commented.

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