Friday, January 27, 2023

TikTok to remove or ban all parties, including politicians who spread misinformation during GE15

Social NewsTikTok to remove or ban all parties, including politicians who spread misinformation...

TikTok will be flagging or banning all politicians or parties that use its platform to spread misleading content, disinformation or ‘political advertising’ amid the 15th General Election (GE15). It also said that it will be maintaining its stance as an entertainment platform.

Speaking at an online forum, TikTok Malaysia Head of Public Policy Kristoffer Rada said TikTok has placed strict community guidelines against fake news, hate speech and political advertising that allow its users and content creators to have complete freedom when expressing their political ideologies so long as they are not malicious in nature.

He added that the social media platform has partnered with a leading global agency, Agence France-Presse (AFP) to help verify harmful information so that it can be removed from our platform.

Nonetheless, he admits that the platform’s system is not perfect and thus, users are encouraged to lodge reports against content that violates TikTok’s ground rules.

Rada also introduced that #BeliaSudiUndi campaign, where TikTok will provide four initiatives to combat election misinformation, namely the election report button, fact-checking tools, election guide, and youth-to-youth outreach through university collaboration.

Actions that will be taken

As for those who violated TikTok’s community guidelines, Rada said it may lead to their video being removed, a suspension or a permanent ban of the creator’s account. In more extreme cases, TikTok would work with local authorities to address the issue.

“When the action is bordering on criminal behaviour, we also coordinate and work with the relevant legal authorities to make sure that crimes are properly reported and such activities are not spread further on TikTok,” he said.

Rada said TikTok will also be applying a Global Policy Changes for Government and Political Party Accounts (GPPPA) that prohibits political advertising. Also, the GPPPA would prohibit any form of monetisation by politicians and political creators on the platform.

Meanwhile, Rada said that although TikTok allows genuine expression of political ideas, politicians need to be mindful of the content they share. He stressed that politicians are liable to the same community guidelines as any other ordinary users.

Source: Texas State University

#BeliaSediaUndi campaign

The #BeliaSediaUndi campaign empowers both creators and users with the tools to create, engage and gain credible sources of information during the election period.

Ahead of the general election, TikTok has also created an election guide that will give users accurate and important information that they need to be aware of.

In addition, users can refer to the site for election-related news. It can also be accessed via the search function and all users need to do is enter election-related terms such as “Belia Sedia Undi,” “GE15,” “PRU15”, “Malaysia Elections” or “Pilihan Raya”.

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