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Syahredzan Johan: Stop calling the non-Malays pendatang, everybody should be equal

NewsSyahredzan Johan: Stop calling the non-Malays pendatang, everybody should be equal

“Stop calling the non-Malays ‘pendatang‘ (immigrant),” said Pakatan Harapan’s candidate for Bangi, Syahredzan Johan.

Speaking at a brief speech at the Cheras Trader Square on Saturday (5 November) night, Syahredzan share that one of the reasons he decided to jump into politics is to fight for a Malaysia that accepts everybody as equal members of the society.

“I can no longer accept people saying that non-Malays are pendatang (immigrants) or anything of that sort.”

“The driving force for me to create positive change is to ensure that we have a government that is for all Malaysians. Not just certain ethnic groups, not just certain segments of society, but for all Malaysians,” he was quoted as saying by The Vibes.

Syahredzan said that he realises that this change takes time but they must start somewhere, or else the society will remain divided forever.

Source: Facebook

We want a progressive nation

Meanwhile, one of the diner, Saran Nair, who has been following Syahredzan closely, echoed the same sentiment that the country needs to start being progressive on the racial aspect.

“My friends and I have seen him commenting about various issues eloquently on the news, and we think he represents a fairer Malaysia. That is what we need.”

“We want to be part of Malaysia, but if you do not let us, by calling us pendatang (immigrants), we will feel hurt.”

“By having the right people who would put us back on track, with a vision where we all could live and progress together,” he said.

Source: Herald Malaysia

Race don’t matter, capability matters

Another diner, Siti Munirah, who is a lecturer at a private university, also shared that the younger generation envision ‘a big change’ in the country and that she believes Syahredzan is capable of.

“I can see that the younger generation has already started to talk about him, not just about Syed Saddiq, especially on Twitter.”

“Personally, I think his age does not really matter, because he is smart, and he does not just represent the Malay community, but also the Chinese and Indians,” she said.

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