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Rafizi: Politicians and civil servants should declare their assets, PKR candidates to lead by example!

NewsRafizi: Politicians and civil servants should declare their assets, PKR candidates to...

While campaigning for the 15th General Election (GE15), PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli said that if he was given the mandate by the people, he will introduce a new law that mandates politicians and civil servants declare their assets, and those who fail to prove their wealth will have their assets seized by the authorities.

He said this during a Pakatan Harapan ceramah in Pandan on Saturday (5 November) night, adding that strict conditions will be imposed under such a law to make ill-intentioned individuals think twice about joining politics and government service.

“Internationally recognised laws define money laundering as the possession of excessive wealth in one’s account when that person doesn’t have any business or expertise,” he said.

“These assets can be confiscated. How is this different to our ministers and civil servants, who work for only 20 years, but have assets of millions of ringgit?”

Source: NST

He then said that such laws would ensure only those who truly want to serve the people would run for elected office.

Earlier, Rafizi publicly declared his assets worth RM18.85 million and debt worth RM820,274. He also called for all PKR candidates running in the election to follow in his footsteps in declaring their assets for public scrutiny.

As for now, he said he will chase down his PKR colleagues to declare their assets. “When every sen of money belonging to politicians has to be held accountable, they know they cannot simply abuse the funds because people are watching,” he said.

Wong Chen declares his assets too!

After Rafizi, incumbent Subang MP Wong Chen too, following Rafizi’s lead by taking to his social media to declare his assets.

“My very first act as the Pakatan Harapan candidate for P.104 Subang is to declare my assets. This is to affirm my full commitment to financial transparency and accountability. We cannot just talk about fighting corruption, we have to walk the talk,” he said.

“I call upon all candidates to follow what Rafizi has started, which is to declare assets. I also urge all voters to be critical and reject those who fail to declare their assets.”

As of 30 September, Wong’s assets totaled to RM5,061,000, where it included his shares in several companies, some cars, 2 Rolex watches and 2 paintings along with the money in his bank, savings accounts and EPF account.

The move has since garnered a positive feedback from netizens, with many praising him for being transparent.

“Great and it is appropriate that assets are declared in monthly mode than righteousness is transparent,” a netizen said.

“I bet not even a single candidate from BN or PN can declare their assets without lying or raising many questions,” another netizen said.

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