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How long will “I Accidentally Ate Hair” stay in your stomach?

LifestyleHow long will "I Accidentally Ate Hair" stay in your stomach?

Ohh no. I ate some hair by accident. Will it always remain in my stomach?

Humans cannot digest the hair they swallow, just as cats who brush themselves cannot.

Yet why?

Keratin, a protein with a highly organised structure, is what makes up hair strands. This means that it can only be changed through chemical restructuring, much like when your hair is permed at a hair salon. Hair is said to remain in your stomach forever because such alterations cannot occur in the human digestive system.

That is a rumour, yes. Unless you ate or swallowed a lot of hair.

I Accidentally Ate Hair

You need not worry if you accidently ingested some hair because it is harmless and will ultimately pass out in your waste in small amounts (imagine one or two strands).

Trichobezoars, or hairballs that are lodged in the stomach, can cause indigestion or abdominal pain if you enjoy eating hair or have trichophagia, a psychological disease in which sufferers chew hair compulsively.

Trichobezoars can be removed surgically in more severe cases, although they can also be cleared up with medication. An 18-year-old Chicago woman underwent surgery in 2007 to have a 4.5kg hairball from her stomach removed. She had trichophagia, which was an illness.

Bottom line is eating excessive amounts of hair is not acceptable, even though it is acceptable to unintentionally swallow hair. So give up that habit if you have one. It could be time to see your doctor if you’ve realised you have this problem and are unable to quit chewing hair.

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