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GE15: Nomination ends, campaign begins!

Social NewsGE15: Nomination ends, campaign begins!

With the nomination of candidates for the 15th general election (GE15) coming to an end, the Election Commission (EC) has come up with a summary of the candidates for the upcoming election.

In a statement, the EC shared that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the oldest candidate at 96, followed by Parti Perpaduan Rakyat Sabah’s (PPRS) Karil Pg Kuraini, 76, who will be contesting the Bugaya state seat and Pejuang’s Fuaddin Kamaruddin, 70, contesting the Kubu Gajah state seat.

On the other hand, the youngest were two 23-year-old candidates and they are Peggy Chaw, an independent candidate for the Tenom parliamentary seat and Pakatan Harapan’s Muhammad Syahmi Suhaimi, who is contesting the Tambun Tulang state seat.

The EC also revealed that 1,386 candidates are contesting for 222 parliamentary seats and 117 state seats.

Out of the total, only 13.49% of the candidates are women when compared to men. This is also much lesser than the 30% female candidates guidelines preached by political parties.

Meanwhile, the EC said that there will be 82 four-cornered fights for parliamentary seats in GE15, a nine-cornered fight in Ampang, as well as a 10-cornered fight in Batu.

Campaigning starts!

The end of the nomination would mean that the 14-day campaign period will begin soon, after the official announcement of candidates was made by the Returning Officer, and will run until 11.59 pm on 18 November.

The EC said that a total of 625 election campaign enforcement teams were established to monitor all activities of candidates who competed during the campaign.

Nonetheless, the EC also stressed that campaigning materials should not contain words or content that can develop negative feelings, racism or touch on religious sensitivities that can incite hostility.

The polling date falls on 19 November and early voting is on 15 November.

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