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“Don’t take matters into your own hands!” Bleeding pregnant mother rushed to hospital, but gets blocked while using the emergency lane

The emergency lanes are designed for emergency purposes, and it is generally reserved for the use of ambulances, fire and rescue, police, and enforcement agencies. 

While in Malaysia, there had been many cases of drivers abusing this lane to get to their destination in the shortest amount of time. Thus, some motorists have responded to this by driving into these lanes to block the driver from cutting through the traffic. However, what if some of them is indeed facing an emergency?

Recently, a TikTok user who was experiencing such a harrow ordeal took it online to condemn those motorists who took matters into their own hands, instead of leaving it to the authorities.


Pengalaman ✨ Terima kasih pada kereta yang beri laluan , kami suami isteri Betul emergency waktu tu 🫶🏻

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Rushing to the hospital

According to user @izatykhai, her husband was rushing her to a local hospital when they met with terrible traffic along the roadway near Tapah.

The user explained that they were heading back to their home in Kuantan from Perak when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her genitals and liquid leaking out from her clothes. In addition, she was bleeding down there.

After she cried for help, the husband panicked and immediately turned on his hazard lights before moving into the emergency lane, hoping to cut through the traffic and reach the nearest hospital in Tapah for a quick check-up.

In the video, many vehicles were seen allowing them room to pass. However, the couple unfortunately met with a van that blocks their way, forcing them to switch back into the normal lane to brace the traffic.


Replying to @I z a t y k h a i 🐝 🫶🏻🤲🏻 .

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It was too late

When they reach the clinic in Tapah, they were told that the health officer had gone out for a break and the other clinics around the area were also full.

This then forced the couple to head back to Kuantan to receive medical attention. Fortunately, the user’s condition improved marginally during the journey.

The user revealed that she was then admitted to the hospital for three days and was thankful that her baby was safe.

After having experienced this, she condemned those motorists who tried to take matters into their own hands without understanding the actual situation.

“Do not block the emergency lane. Just assume that people who make use of the emergency lane are trying to save a life,” she said.


Anggap je lampu emergency tu tengah “ menyelamatkan sorang nyawa “ okay ? 🤲🏻🫶🏻 .

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