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Watch: UMNO leader allegedly campaigns in local university but students gave pathetic response

Social NewsWatch: UMNO leader allegedly campaigns in local university but students gave pathetic...

With the polling date of the 15th General Election (GE15) approaching, politicians are going all out to give ceramahs to call for voters to support their parties. Meanwhile, some were even willing to break the rules to campaign for their parties.

In a viral TikTok video, the Dungun UMNO Division chief, Datuk Din Adam was seen giving a talk to a hall of students at the UiTM Dungun, Terengganu, in an attempt to woo their support for UMNO in the upcoming election.

In the video, he can be heard asking if the group of students support Barisan Nasional (BN).

However, it appears that the students in the hall were less enthusiastic about it and gave a pathetic response. Some of them even shouted “No”.


Terbaik student UiTM Dungun..berani dan tegas jawab DOK SOKONG BN #TolakRasuahTolakBN #TeguhPertahan

♬ original sound – LokKohoPunoh – LokKohoPunoh

That’s against the law!

In the comment section, many netizens slammed the UiTM’s administration for allowing politicians to campaign at the university’s premise as it is against the law, where the Universiti Teknologi MARA Act 173 which states that students from any of the universities listed in the Act are not allowed to participate in political activities.

It has been there for years!

While the viral video came as a shock to most Malaysians, UiTM’s alumni and those associated with the university said it was no surprise to them and such events happened all the time.

β€œUiTM has always been like this. They would cancel classes to make students attend political talks,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, one alumni even shared that he was paid RM50 to attend a BN event when he was studying in UiTM Perlis. Even more so, the event was considered an extracurricular activity and all students were required to attend.

On Twitter, one netizen said that such events are often approved by the university due to pressure from the party or the government.

The netizen said that his father was a rector at a university but he rejected a request to send students to a UMNO event. Unfortunately, he did not finish serving his term and was demoted within 24 hours after the incident.

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