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This new function is revolutionizing Google Search

Tech & GamesThis new function is revolutionizing Google Search

On the Google Search homepage, change frequently depends on the finer points. This time, it appears as a straightforward symbol that directs people to an in-depth image search. In fact, it adds Google Lens to the homepage of the search engine, making its image recognition technology available to everyone.

Google Images introduced Lens this summer, giving users the option to search using an image or a portion of an image. A camera symbol to the right of the search bar on Google’s homepage will serve as a direct link to Lens. By clicking on it, you can enter the URL of any image to search from, whether it was uploaded by a person or was found online. It is also possible to translate the text after it has been extracted from the image in addition to doing a search for information.

Users of Google Lens can learn details about an image, such as the name of an actor, the breed of a dog, or the name and level of hazard of a fungus. Additionally, it can be used to access retail websites that provide a specific product. The Google ecosystem contains this tool more and more frequently. Lens has already been incorporated into Photos and Chrome in addition to Search and Images.

Google revealed more updates for Lens, this time on smartphones, at its developer conference in the spring of last year. In the near future, augmented reality will make it possible to view more in-depth information immediately on the screen of your phone. Users will, for instance, be able to select a product from a store shelf based on their own preferences.

Therefore, a user might “filter” chocolate bars using their smartphone camera to identify those that included particular components or had too little cocoa solids. Prior to gradually becoming available more widely, this feature will first be made available on Pixel smartphones.

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