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M’sian reacts harshly after discovering what his mother work to support the family

Social NewsM’sian reacts harshly after discovering what his mother work to support the...

Everybody has a tale to tell, but sadly not all of them have happy endings. This shows that not everyone has an easy existence, which is a fact of life.

Just last night (November 3), the Twitter account TwtWedding posted an anonymous confession from a Malaysian man who revealed the truth his mother had been keeping from him and is now distraught. His abusive father would sexually assault his mother in front of him and his brothers, therefore he never had a joyful upbringing.

His mother had to juggle three jobs and cook for them in order to survive when it was time to start afresh. He eventually received the life he deserved after a protracted period of struggle, including access to a quality education and a kind and caring mother in place of an abusive father.

He’s currently pursuing his studies at a local university while his 2 sisters are still in school.

Before learning what his mother does for a career, everything was going smoothly. As time went on, he began to realise that his mother’s explanations for her employment were always inconsistent.

“Sometimes she said she was working at a restaurant, but when I asked again, she would change the story, and it did not make sense.”

When he learned that his mother had been using her prostitution to maintain the family all these time, it completely rocked his life. He found it difficult to accept, and when the truth finally dawned on him, he became upset.

“I trashed my room. I broke things, I cursed and yelled at her while she was sobbing and apologising.”

He claimed that “dirty money” had supported every aspect of his life, and ever then, he had become so furious and disgusted with himself that he was unable to even look at his mother. He packed his things without giving it much thought and spent a short time at his friend’s house.

“Who the hell wants a mother like this? You should’ve aborted me last time!” he told his mother.

“Am I ungrateful?”

He then thought back to his mother’s reaction after he had yelled all those insults at her.

“I’ve never seen her that sad. I feel bad, but I’m also angry. I feel ungrateful.”

He then also understood that, despite selling her body for years to support the family, his mother had never fully lived a life befitting a mother by treating herself to anything she desired in terms of fashion or other material things. He used Twitter to complain about the situation, asking other users’ perspectives and whether they thought he was really being ungrateful.

Below is a link to the complete tweet.

When difficulties hit us hard, life can be devastating at times and difficult to navigate. What do you believe the man should do at this point?

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