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What your Signature reveals about you as a person

Social NewsWhat your Signature reveals about you as a person

Most people are aware of how your handwriting can be read to reveal information about your personality, but did you realise that the same is true of your signature?

What your signature reveals about your personality is as follows.


Large signatures express the person’s desire to be recognised. Additionally, it reveals their brash and assured personalities. These individuals are frequently extroverted, outgoing, and perhaps somewhat attention-seeking.

Medium-sized signatures reveal a person’s desire to blend in with the crowd.

Small signatures indicate a profoundly private person who has little to no desire to be seen by others.


A signature with an upward tilt reveals the person’s drive for success and propensity to look ahead. The ambition of the signer is indicated by how slanted the signature is. A descending slope reveals the exact opposite.

A downward slant signature indicates a person who is more gloomy, cautious, and unlikely to engage in risky activities. Only slanting upward at the end of the signatures simply indicates optimism.


The inability of others to read your signature at all is evidence of your rapid thinking. Easy-to-read signatures indicate that the signer is transparent to others. These folks are simple, easy to read, and show their emotions openly.


People who underline their signatures are independent and self-important. They adhere to the severe and unwavering enforcement of laws and regulations. Under the signature, zigzag lines indicate a person who is unsure. They are more unsure of their independence the longer the zigzag is.

The absence of an underline in a signature indicates that the signer likes to let their own accomplishments speak for themselves, giving others a sense of who they are.

Use of dots

Dotting the ‘i’s in one’s signature indicates attention to detail and, if the dots are firm, it also indicates organisation and empathy. Dots above the I that have a creative appearance (such as circles or hearts) reveal a childlike nature in the person. These individuals are also artistic.

Placing your dots high above your ‘i’s signifies an inventive mentality, whereas dragging your dots to the left indicates a propensity for putting off critical tasks. A full stop at the very end of the signature indicates that the signer is very business-minded.

Dotting your “i”s indicates that you like to look at the larger picture rather than paying attention to every last detail in every area of your life.

Type of lines

Sharp lines demonstrate that the person is focused, driven, and sharp. But it also demonstrates the person’s impulsivity and hostility.

Big first letters

This type of signature demonstrates a person’s self-assurance, but if it is significantly larger than the rest of the signature, it denotes a strong feeling of self-worth that is on the verge of arrogance.

Use of only initials

The use of merely initials in a signature reveals that the signer is an extremely private person who won’t divulge anything to strangers.

Use of first name with the initial of their surnames

People like that approach business with a somewhat laid-back attitude. Additionally, they are more focused on being distinctive and refuse to find value in their ancestry or traditions.

Use of nicknames

When people sign off on key documents using their nicknames, it demonstrates their independence and self-assurance.

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