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“M’sia is a great place to live!” Chinese woman share how her impression about KL changed after setting foot right at the airport

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While Malaysians may not have a good impression on our very own country, tourists and expatriates may have a different view about that.

Recently, a woman from China shared how living in Malaysia changed her impression of our country as she previously thought that Malaysia had poor living conditions.

In a YouTube video, the Chinese woman explained that she had been living in Shenzhen, China before she came to Malaysia. As for the reason she came to Malaysia, she said she was attracted by her friend’s lifestyle in the country.

“About three years ago, I had this friend who brought his kids to live and study in Kuala Lumpur. I then noticed that his life in Kuala Lumpur had been amazing,” she said.

This prompted the woman to ask him more questions about the city, to which the friend responded by saying that it was all good. “The kids also took English classes and their English was good. They even went for piano and other classes to develop their talents,” she revealed.

Source: YouTube

As the woman kept throwing him questions about the city, the friend finally got tired of answering her and told her to just come to Malaysia to have a look here for herself.

“Before this, I did not have any idea about KL. My impression of Malaysia was that it seemed to be dirty, messy, streets filled with poor people, and that you can’t get enough to eat there. I thought there was nowhere better than Shenzhen.”

However, after experience life here for herself, her opinion on the country totally changed.

She shared that the greenery here was good and the climate is similar to her hometown in Shenzhen. “I fell in love with this city immediately after I step foot at the airport,” she said.

Why Malaysia?

She added that there was no real language barrier here as she could use Mandarin to communicate with the local Chinese here. All these factors then led her to decide to sign up with the Malaysia My Second Home program (MM2H) programme.

The Chinese woman then revealed her plans to bring her children over for international education. She said she found the international schools in Kuala Lumpur were extremely inclusive as they had a Western education system, but maintained their Chinese cultural education.

“It’s a good place for Asians, especially Chinese people, to come for studies,” she stated.

She then said that her children are also much happier and more self-confident here. “I did not expect my child to come home from school after the first week to tell me, ‘Mom, I’m really happy’,” she said.

She ended the video by suggesting parents who want to give their children international education to confidently bring their children to Kuala Lumpur. “You can’t go wrong!” she said.

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Watch the video here:

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