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With a degree, one could earn up to RM10,000 a month working as a dishwasher in Singapore

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Most would expect that a basic education certificate would be sufficient for jobs that do not require high-level of skill. However, a recent Facebook post just proves that how important tertiary education is to us.

In a viral Facebook post on Facebook Group B40 Buat Perangai Apa Harini, a user shared that Singaporean employers are no longer interested in hiring Malaysians with only a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certificate, even if the vacancy is for a cleaner.

The user explains that Malaysians with a degree certificate can earn up to SGD3,000 (RM10,000) per month as cleaners in Singapore, while SPM certificate holders typically earn only SGD800 (RM2,681) for the same position.

While most are wondering why Singaporean employers are employing degree graduates as cleaners, the user said the SPM certificate has technically lost its value because there are too many candidates with the same qualification competing for the same job.

He said SPM holders would usually get up to SGD1,200 (RM4,018), but with a degree, one can earn up to SGD4,000 (RM13,395).

The user then included a few screenshots of job listings made by Singaporean employers, showing how they are offering a salary of SGD3,000 (RM10,053) for a “Facility Specialist” position. However, one criteria here is that candidates must have a college degree.

Meanwhile, another job listing showed an employer offering a minimum pay of SGD2,700 (RM9,042) for a ‘F&B Management Trainee’. Similarly, a college degree is required for the role.

On the other hand, an employer even offered SGD3,400 (RM11,000) for a dishwasher but they specified that candidates must have a college degree and that diplomas will not be accepted.

Source: Facebook

Degree is your insurance

The user then urge Malaysians to obtain a degree no matter how difficult it is, as one can easily earn up to RM10,000 with a degree.

“If you cannot find work in Malaysia after obtaining your university degree, you can look for work in Singapore,” he said.

“Most importantly, never give up hope. You could save up to RM100,000 in ten months even when you have to work as a dishwasher in Singapore if you earn an RM10,000 wage.”

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