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Volunteers for postal voting needed! Register yourselves through this form here

Social NewsVolunteers for postal voting needed! Register yourselves through this form here

In an effort to ensure that the electoral process goes smoothly for the upcoming 15th General Election (GE15), the Global Malaysian Network (GMN) started an initiative to help overseas Malaysians to carry their votes back to the country.

The initiative was created back in GE14 and it would be done the same for this election.

On social media, GMN announced that they are currently looking for volunteers to help carry the votes of Malaysians overseas, coordinators, runners and witnesses.

In a Google Form, GMN said, “Hello Malaysians, we are here again, thrown into a race against time to get our ballots home by 19 November 2022. During GE14, many of us stepped up, banded together and collectively we flew our ballots home. It was such a amazing experience, it gave birth to the Global Malaysian Network.”

“We had our ups and downs but it is time to put aside our differences and work together again. The call for volunteers have been sounded… Malaysians assemble!”

Elaborating on the details, GMN said postal ballots would only be sent out after Nominations Day (5 November). Thus, it is likely that overseas Malaysians would only receive the ballots near 19 November.

Source: The Borneo Post

Volunteers needed

With this, GMN is calling for volunteers to help coordinate an Amazing Race to get ballots delivered to their final destination and thus, they are looking for,

  1. Flyers who are flying back to Malaysia between 10 to 18 November,
  2. Ballot coordinators in your local area,
  3. Runners in Malaysia (Information will be passed on to UNDI18),
  4. Witness (Saksi) for Borang 2 (Global Bersih’s initiative).

“If you are a Malaysian living overseas and would be willing to help. Please leave your name and a minimum of 1 method that people can use to contact you, that you are comfortable sharing with others. This information will be shared on Global Malaysian Network and the Malaysia GE15 Overseas Postal Voting FAQ FB group,” they wrote.

Lastly, GMN urged volunteers to coordinate and assist in a public place for safety reasons. It also reminded volunteers as a witness to refrain from accepting financial compensation.

“If you are volunteering as flyers or runners, we are counting on your goodwill and honesty if you request for monetary compensation,” it added.

For those who are interested, you may sign yourself up via this form here.

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