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Inside the Banting Mosque, two men were seen touching and kissing one other

Social NewsInside the Banting Mosque, two men were seen touching and kissing one...

Places of worship are created especially for believers to engage in devotional activities, reverence, or religious pursuits. In addition, it serves as a hallowed place for people to think back on their deeds and lives.

However, a video of two guys behaving indecently inside a mosque in Banting has lately circulated online and is currently the subject of a police inquiry.

Improper Behaviour inside the Mosque

Three males in total could be seen inside the prayer room on the footage. The other two were observed kissing and fondling one another while the third was prostrated and engaged in intense prayer.

The men’s actions had received over 500k views and harsh criticism from online users for insulting the mosque with such disgusting behaviour.

Might face 2-year jail term

Subsequently, the Kuala Langat Police Headquarters acknowledged that they had received a report from a 54-year-old male who claimed to have CCTV evidence of the two men engaging in indecent behaviour.

According to Kuala Langat Supt. Ahmad Ridhwan Bin Mohd Nor, the issue is being looked into under Section 377D of the Penal Code, which carries a maximum two-year prison penalty for gross obscenity committed in public.

He also exhorted members of the public to call Investigating Officer Insp Norbidayah binti Mod at 017-4055363/ 03-31872222 if they had any information regarding the perpetrators.


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