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JPN: Rumours of MyKad given to Bangladeshi are fake

NewsJPN: Rumours of MyKad given to Bangladeshi are fake

The National Registration Department (JPN) had denied the rumours that claimed that many Bangladeshis have been issued identity cards (MyKad) ahead of the 15th General Election.

In a statement, JPN said it has since lodged a police report over the accusation that has been circulated on social media and WhatsApp.

JPN also clarified that the MyKad bearing the photo of a Bangladeshi man, with a Chinese name is a legitimate Malaysian citizen.

“The Bangladeshi man was legally adopted and raised by a Chinese family since birth. In fact, this issue has been reported by media which explained that the individual is a Malaysian citizen,” the statement reads.

JPN then stressed that the MyKad is only issued to eligible Malaysian citizens based on provisions of the law and said such accusations are tarnishing the department’s image and undermine its credibility while causing doubts among the public.

It also reminded the public to always check the information they receive before sharing, as legal action may be taken against those found to be spreading false information.

For any queries, the public can contact the JPN at 03-8880 7077 or email [email protected]

Not the first time

During the previous general election, similar rumours had been circulating on social media, claiming that the Barisan Nasional coalition had brought in 40,000 Bangladeshi workers to vote for them.

However, the Bangladesh government denied that its Malaysian-based workers were involved in the election in 2013 as phantom voters.

The country’s High Commissioner to Malaysia Atiqur Rahman noted that the law in both countries prohibits Bangladeshi citizens from voting in Malaysia.

Nonetheless, propaganda and accusations are expected to be more rampant during this campaign period. Hence, it is important for social media users to check the information they are receiving before sharing.

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