Friday, December 9, 2022

Children were spotted playing on a window sill on the 17th floor

NewsChildren were spotted playing on a window sill on the 17th floor

In a heartbreaking sight, two small children were found in Malaysia playing on a narrow window ledge on the 17th floor.

The children can be seen playing unattended near an open window in the footage, which was shot in a Kuala Lumpur condominium.

Facebook user Reff Lia, published the 11-second video on October 25.

One of the toddlers suddenly stood up, making their neighbours scream, during a particularly tense moment.

The toddlers are aged two and four.

“Investigations showed that at the time of the incident, both parents were in the house but were unaware,” a district police chief said in a statement.

He continued by saying the parents had been called in for questioning.

Children safe

Lia claimed in the Facebook post that she informed the building administration of the event.

The children are secure, she noted in a follow-up statement, and the parents are working to install window grilles.

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