Wednesday, March 22, 2023

A man with a tumor leaves his pet cat outside of a cat cafe with the promise of returning for it if he survives

Social NewsA man with a tumor leaves his pet cat outside of a...

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, and it can be especially difficult if you know your time with your pet is running out.

A cat owner in China recently contemplated the possibility that he might not have much time left to spend with his pet. The owner made the decision to abandon the cat at the door of a cat café in order to search for a new owner so that it wouldn’t go hungry.

The café owner was upset to see the left cat in a bag when she arrived because she assumed it was a case of abandonment. Her fury quickly shifted to grief as she noticed a piece of yellow paper taped to the bag. The handwritten message explained that leaving the cat at the door was his final choice because the pet’s owner was very ill and his life depended on it.

The cat had received three vaccinations, according to the message, and the author believed that the cat café would be a safe haven for his pet.

The Paper reported that the owner did not leave any contact information, and as the cafe does not have surveillance cameras installed, the effort to contact the cat owner is impossible.

Many internet users were moved to tears when the café owner broadcast the incident online. She had an emotional message for the owner from the café owner herself.

“I’ll take a good care of it, but you have to come and visit your cat, and tell me you’re lying, you’re not even ill, okay?”

She said that she’ll stay with the cat till he returns and “told” the cat owner to hold on and believe in miracles.

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