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Student sells PerantiSiswa tablet because he wants to upgrade it to iPad, netizens slam him for being ungrateful

Social NewsStudent sells PerantiSiswa tablet because he wants to upgrade it to iPad,...

The PerantiSiswa programme has benefitted over 400,000 students from B40 families. Under this programme, students were given a Samsung Tab A8 and other accessories that will help them to operate the device easier.

Recently, a student came under heavy criticism from netizens for putting the PerantiSiswa tablet on sale. His reason? He wanted to get the cash to buy himself a brand-new iPad, which he said he will be using in his studies.

The advertisement was spotted by a Facebook user, who later took to the Facebook Group ‘B40 Buat Perangai Apa Hari Ini‘ to share her discovery.

“B40 do not know how to be grateful. Given a free Samsung Tab A8 but they are now selling it for iPad,” the Facebook user wrote in the caption.

In the post, the user also attached a screenshot of the listings by the student, where he explained his reason for selling the free tablet.

Source: Facebook

Return if you do not need it

In the comment section, netizens were quick to slam these students for wasting the taxpayers’ money and the effort the authorities spent in arranging this.

“No integrity at all. The tab was funded by taxpayers’ money. Return it if you are not using it, so the government can give it to students who need them. People like this should be blacklisted for misusing government’s aid,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, another netizen pointed out that this is not a generational issue as the older generation did the same too.

“The older generation got fertilizer subsidies, but they sold it at market price, making 100% profit. The modern generation did the same by selling these free tablets,” another netizen said.

The last we check, the listing can no longer be found on the platform.

Source: Facebook

One-off basis

Earlier, Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa has reminded PerantiSiswa tablet recipients not to misuse or sell the free gadgets provided to them by the government.

Annuar also said his ministry has a complete set of data on device recipients to ensure that those who had received their device could not submit a second application in the future.

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