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Mentally disabled woman fell victim to sexual abuse, buries the newborn in her backyard

NewsMentally disabled woman fell victim to sexual abuse, buries the newborn in...

A 20-year-old mentally disabled woman was found to be a victim of sexual abuse after she went to the doctor for a check-up.

The matter was brought to light by TikTok user @simerpati9, who is the doctor in charge of the patient, as she explains how the incident occurred in two TikTok videos.

In the first video, she shared that a mother had brought her mentally disabled daughter to treat her urinary retention. During the examination, the mother shared that her daughter had been suffering from it for the past two days, and this had never happened before.

“The mother also shared that she did not keep track of her daughter’s menstrual cycle,” the user said.

Examinations found that she gave birth recently

After further examination, she was surprised to find that the patient had symptoms as if she had just given birth.

“I noticed the stretch marks at her belly and the black spot from the navel to the lower part of her body, which is a characteristic of post-labour,” the user said.

She then turned to the mother and asked if her daughter had just given birth, to which she responded with surprise and said she did not know anything about it despite living with her.

She later confirmed that the patient had just given birth after checking for other parts of her body.

“We did an x-ray and found that her bladder was full, but she was unable to let it out. We later use a tube to help her urinate,” the user said, adding that she found a black patch in the x-ray.

After the operation, she said the black patch was actually a placenta that was left in the uterus after giving birth, which confirms the fact that she had just given birth.

Burying it in the backyard

“We later found that she gave birth when she was taking a dump in the toilet. The baby fell into the toilet, and she dug a hole at their backyard to bury it,” she said.

While they do not know who was the culprit, the mother said that she had a son who was living with them. Nonetheless, the mother had since lodged a police report regarding the matter.

As a reminder for parents taking care of their mentally disabled children, the doctor urged them to pay more attention to their children, so they do not fall victim to sexual abuse.

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