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“Youths do not have enough experience” Mahathir says that ‘old-timers’ still relevant due to their experience in leading the country

News"Youths do not have enough experience" Mahathir says that 'old-timers' still relevant...

With UNDI18 in place, the younger generation was given the power to vote for their own future and choose the leader of their liking. However, it seems that some are not convinced that the youth’s are capable of leading the country.

In a recent interview with SCMP, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad acknowledged that “old people” like him should be making way for the younger generation leaders, but he was not convinced that they are capable of leading the country to greater heights.

“Yes, I think it is time that they become more prominent in the political field, but of course their lack of experience works against them,” he was quoted as saying.

Nonetheless, Mahathir admitted that the space for youth to shine is limited due to the lack of opportunity given to them in Malaysia’s politics over the years.

“It is difficult for them to show their ability because they are not actually leaders.”

“But they must show in many other ways that they are very interested in the affairs of the nation and that they can contribute towards the setting up of better governance for this country,” he said.

Source: Berita Harian

‘Old timers’ still relevant

When asked if political parties should focus on fielding new and young faces for this election, Mahathir became dismissive and said that voters want a leader with a proven track record rather than unfamiliar faces.

He then said that real experience in leading the country is required when we are tackling big issues such as the growing wealth disparity, weak management of the economy and an education system that has fallen behind.

Mahathir also said that ‘old-timers’ should step up and show the younger generation how to lead a nation.

“Malaysia has got tremendous potential, but you have to recognise the potential and have to be able to manage the potential. That requires experience and some degree of knowledge of new technologies.”

“I feel that I can at least advise the government on how to manage new technologies as well as how to realign our objectives so as to be in keeping with advances made in new technologies,” he said.

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