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Man ends his 10-year friendship with his toxic friend who only knows how to complain about his life

We all have friends and a good friend would always listen to your complaints while looking for ways to comfort you. However, what if a friend of yours does it so frequently that it exceeds what you can take on?

Recently, a Facebook user took it online to share how he was forced to end a 10-year friendship because he is tired of his friend filling his life with negativity.

In the Facebook post, he wrote in the caption, “Stop guilt tripping me with our ’10-year friendship’. I think I’m unlucky for being your friend. For the past 10 years, you have been poisoning our conversation with your complaints.”

“Is there really nothing positive and happy in your life?” he asked.

With the post, he shared two screenshots of his conversation with the friend, which showed how his friend started the conversation by saying that he is unhappy.

In response, the user asked him to stop spreading negativity every time he calls him. The unhappy friend then asked what does he mean by ‘spreading negativity’.

“The other day when you called up my office to complaint, it’s annoying,” the user said.

Non-stop complaining

The friend then said that they had been friends for over 10 years and asked why he brought this up.

The user then said that he is tired of having to listen to his complaints. “I welcome you if you want to chat about other things. But, if you want to start complaining, please just stop texting me,” he said.

Despite the user telling the friend that he doesn’t really want to listen to his complaints, he continue complaining that his life is so sad that he could not even count on a friend for comfort.

Source: Facebook

The user ended his post by saying that he is not a therapist and is not obligated to listen to the complaints. “I don’t need to keep absorbing your negativity. I’ve blocked him and is moving forward in my life,” he said.

In the comment section, many netizens expressed sympathy to the user and agreed that he has got no responsibility to listen to all the friend’s complaints.

“People who carry these negative energy are really scary! If they’re a good friend, they should share something positive. Nobody is obliged to be another person’s trash can,” a netizen said.

“Friends are not your trash can, where you can just throw all your emotions and complaints at them. They only think of you when they want to complain about something, is this really a friend?” another netizen said.

Have you met something like this? Share what you would do if you are in the user’s position.

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