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KLIA imposes RM2 pick up charges for Grab customers, travellers unhappy with the additional fee

Social NewsKLIA imposes RM2 pick up charges for Grab customers, travellers unhappy with...

E-hailing apps like Grab, MyCar and more have dramatically changed the way we use to commute in recent years. However, the rise of e-hailing has also led to some authorities taking advantage of it by simply imposing an additional fee on it.

One example is when Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) imposes a pickup charge for e-hailing pickups.

According to the new policy, KLIA 1 and KLIA 2 will collect an RM2 pickup charge for all GrabCar pick-ups within the terminal, on top of the original charge and the toll charges.

Source: Lowyat Forum

In addition, the rule also stated that GrabCar drivers are required to contact their passengers to check on their exact location so that both parties can avoid any extra charges. After the 5-minute limit, KLIA would charge an additional RM10.

On the Lowyat Forum, netizens slammed the airport operator for imposing such a ridiculous charge.

“MAHB is really sucking blood out from passenger, Grab already gave notice to driver charge passenger additional RM2 for the parking fee,” a netizen said.

“What logic is this? Even if I am super efficient and reach on time, and the driver reaches on time, I am still charged RM2 for nothing. But RM2 is not charged on taxis and normal cars,” another netizen said.

Not the first time

In 2019, MAHB announced a regulation governing vehicle pick-up at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and KLIA2. It is said that drivers can only chauffeur passengers at the new pick-up points that require a Touch ‘n Go with a minimum value of RM20 or pay-wave cards to access.

In addition, they are only allowed 5-minutes at the pickup lanes or a fee of RM10 will be imposed on them. Each entry into the pick-up point at KLIA2 will cost RM5 effective and it will be collected by a company that is appointed to be the “queue manager” of the airport.

Following the public backlash, Segi Astana Sdn Bhd later clarified that no extra charge will be imposed on e-hailing drivers who exceed the five-minute waiting period to pick up passengers at KLIA2.

However, Segi Astana reminded e-hailing drivers to make prior confirmation with their passengers to ensure a smooth pick up so as to reduce traffic congestion at the airport.

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