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Mount Kinabalu is closed due to bad weather, here’s why it is dangerous whenever there’s a downpour on the mountain

Social NewsMount Kinabalu is closed due to bad weather, here's why it is...

The Mount Kinabalu official website has recently announced the closure of the summit climb from Laban Rata to Low’s Peak Summit on 17 and 18 October due to the rainy weather.

It added that visitors can still climb from the Timpohon gate to Laban Rata. It also reminded climbers to be extra careful with their steps when descending. The decision was determined by the authority of Sabah Parks Rangers for the safety of all climbers.

If you are wondering why, this is because when it rains heavily, the area close to the summit will face gushing water that is similar to a huge waterfall.

Here’s a video that shows how difficult and dangerous it is for climbers to climb the gushing ‘waterfall’.

With this, the climbers who were unexpectedly caught in the dangerous situation have urged others to avoid using that path.

Meanwhile, one of the Mount Kinabalu climbers shared that the weather there can change quickly, making it unpredictable.

Despite the closure was until 18 October, it is still not advisable for climbers to hike up the peak of Mount Kinabalu during this monsoon season.

Stranded while climbing

On 14 October, a group of climbers were left stranded on Mount Kinabalu due to the unexpected weather change.

According to The Star, Sabah Parks director Dr Maklarin Lakim said all the climbers, accompanied by mountain guides, made it down safely.

“Such water currents coming down the mountain happen frequently during downpours. For climbers’ safety, climbing activities to the peak will be closed during heavy rains and bad weather, in line with the climbing standard operating procedure (SOP) of Mount Kinabalu,” he said.

For more information, please visit the official website of Mount Kinabalu.

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