Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Technician provides customer with budget setup for RM120 air-cond

Social NewsTechnician provides customer with budget setup for RM120 air-cond

Customers would always go to tremendous measures to haggle for the best deal while buying things.

Additionally, some even insist that it be completed as inexpensively as possible, which might lead to professionals using risky techniques to do the task.

A recent Facebook post by an air conditioning technician described a conversation he had with a client.

I’ve got a budget of RM120

The customer stated that he wants to put a 1-horsepower air conditioner in the screenshots.

The customer requested whether the technician could cut the price after learning that it would cost him RM250.

The customer answered with “RM120” when the technician inquired how much he was ready to pay after explaining that it was the market price.

The customer replied that it didn’t have to look flawless as long as it blew out cool air after admitting that he could only afford a RM120 air conditioner.

Half price = half setup?

The technician responded by displaying an image of an air conditioner that was hanging horizontally from the wall with no support at all.

The setup turned out to be too unsafe and risky, so the consumer swiftly refused the offer.

Since then, the post has received over 100 replies and 500 shares, and at the time of writing, internet users were giggling about the interaction.

Some others made light of the fact that this was the newest air conditioner model that had not yet been announced.

“Others said that the RM250 pricing for the air conditioner was really reasonable considering that the market price might be as high as RM280 – RM350.”

“We can do the same next time.”

Although we are aware of the current financial crunch, your personal safety must always come first.

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