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“It’s very much like flying!” British travel writer impressed with KTM ETS’s service

Social News"It's very much like flying!" British travel writer impressed with KTM ETS's...

A British travel writer, who is based in Thailand, Richard Barrow has recently taken to Facebook to share his experience while travelling with the Keretapi Tanah Melayu’s Electric Train Service (KTM ETS).

In a Facebook post, Barrow shared that he spend RM150 for a business class seat on the train from Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur. He also tagged the train operator and praised KTM ETS for its spectacular hospitality throughout the 4-hour journey.

At the same time, he even compared them to Thai trains and suggested that Thailand could improve their train in the same way.

“I’m very impressed with everything. Thailand desperately needs to upgrade their rolling stock. I know they now have the Red Line trains but these don’t go very far. We need something like this going to Chiang Mai,” Barrow said.

Feels like traveling by flight

Barrow shared that the train operator provided him with lunch and refreshments to keep him company on his journey. He then compared the train experience to that of flight services.

“Shortly after we departed, attendants came round with lunch which was included in the price of the ticket. Then two hours later they came round with coffee and tea and some snacks.”

“Very much a similar experience to flying,” he said.

Meanwhile, Barrow said that what was best about this was the restaurant carriage inside the train because of its connection to the other regular carriage.

“I have not experienced one of these for a while. Hopefully, Thailand will again have restaurant carriages by January next year,” he said.

Source: Facebook

Netizens think the same!

In the comment section, most netizens agree with Barrow that the business class experience is awesome.

Some netizens also recommended some must-try food from the train operator.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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