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M’sian man discovers RM7,500 worth of gold in a RM10 watch strap he bought at JB flea market

Social NewsM'sian man discovers RM7,500 worth of gold in a RM10 watch strap...

The night flea market has the potential for hidden gems, and for this lucky netizen, he literally hit the jackpot after he went to a night flea market in Johor Bahru to buy a watch strap.

Taking his joy to a local community Facebook group ‘Emas Used Atau Terpakai Sahaja‘, the Facebook user named Mohamad Kitartech shared how he found RM10,000 worth of gold in a RM10 watch strap he bought there.

According to Mohamad, he said that the ordinary-looking gold watch strap could be seen adorned in gold despite its age. He then brought the watch strap home with just RM10.

Upon reaching home, Mohamad weight it and it came in at 41.44g. After removing the metal brackets, the remaining gold pieces weight 28.5g.

Source: Facebook

To find out how much real gold was in these pieces, Mohamad conducted a simple acid test by scraping lines with a single gold piece against a black testing stone, before dripping nitric acid on the lines to see how much gold is left behind.

After the acid dissolves the other metals and impurities, Mohamad managed to produce 24.91g of 999 gold which is not combined with any other elements.

Source: Facebook

Hitting the jackpot!

This means that the gold used in the watch strap was indeed real gold!

In addition, the user said that he managed to obtain 3.7g of 750 gold from the three other strap pieces. 750 gold refers to gold that has a purity content of 75%.

In the comment section, gold enthusiasts performed a quick computation and found that Mohamad could make at least RM7,500 profit based on the 999 gold and 750 gold he found from the watch strap. 

While other netizens expressed doubt about Mohamad’s claim, he explained that the pictures were indeed taken with his phone and that he owns a small gold business too.

That’s definitely an interesting discovery! What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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