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Finally caught after skipping payment 59 times, Toll Jumper was fined RM256.20

Social NewsFinally caught after skipping payment 59 times, Toll Jumper was fined RM256.20

When he was caught at the Kajang Dispersal Link Expressway (SILK) toll for attempting to avoid paying the toll, a Honda motorist recently received his fair rewards.

On Saturday, October 15, Prolintas Kajang SILK tweeted that the motorist had been detained at a toll booth and that 59 times, it had been found that he had failed to pay toll duties.

The offender was stopped by a toll kiosk employee, who also demanded that he pay RM256.20 in administrative costs and missing toll payments.

According to reports, the event occurred late at night, and the driver was told to pay the unpaid fines there right away.

Netizens expressed their displeasure that the driver did not face more severe penalties for his misdeeds.

Many Twitter users believed that in order for the Honda driver to learn from his conduct, he should have been punished five to ten times what he avoided paying in tolls.

How this motorist avoided paying toll costs so many times without being caught was a topic of much discussion.

The practise of avoiding toll fees is becoming more popular among drivers who wish to save a few ringgit.

Toll-dodgers generally tailgate the vehicle in front of them and rush through the boom gate that is raised for the vehicle that paid the toll in order to avoid having to pay the fines.

Toll evasion, which commonly happens when a vehicle tailgates the one in front in order to also get through before the boom gate closes, is something that is probably as ancient as tolled highways.

Currently, violators of the Federal Roads (Private Management) Act 1984 may be punished under Section 8, which stipulates that a fine of between RM2,000 and RM5,000 may be levied upon conviction. However, in order to do this, the toll concessionaire concerned must bring a civil lawsuit against the violator.

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