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“Am I asking for too much?” M’sian mother craves durian but her husband cannot afford it because he only earns RM50 a day

Social News"Am I asking for too much?" M'sian mother craves durian but her...

It is normal for us to have cravings for certain food and in fact, having such cravings makes us feel more satisfied when we can fulfil them. However, being able to afford to satisfy our cravings is a separate matter.

Recently, a mother of three confessed to a Twitter page about her disappointment in her husband for not being able to satisfy her craving for durian.

“I just want to rant about my feelings as there’s nowhere else for me to do it. I am a mother of three children and I’m not sure if anyone feels the same, but I really want to eat durian.”

“I told to my husband that I am craving durian, but he just kept quiet as we aren’t stable financially,” she said, adding that her cravings were so strong that she would cry when they pass by durian stalls by the road.

She said that she wanted to hide her tears because she does not want her husband to know that she is crying or think she is too demanding.

Earning only RM50 a day

Elaborating further, she said that her husband works as a mamak and is earning only RM50 a day. She also revealed that she has recently given birth to their third child and they are left with no money after buying diapers and milk.

Meanwhile, she said that the only time she gets to eat decent food is when her husband brings home leftovers from the mamak.

“I do not know if all mothers go through this. Back then my cravings were all under RM5 and my husband could just buy it for me but I don’t know why I’m craving something so expensive this time.”

“I realised that my emotions have been volatile after giving birth to our third child. Now, it is reaching a point where if I do not get my cravings satisfied, I would even dream about it and wake up feeling worst,” she said.

Understanding is important

In the comment section, netizens expressed sympathy towards her and at the same time, praised her for understanding her family’s circumstances.

“It’s not that your husband doesn’t want to, but he just can’t afford it. He only earns RM50 a day and you have three kids,” one netizen said.

Meanwhile, a netizen explained that she understands how a mother’s hormones change after giving birth. “I hope it gets better for you. Remember that you’re not demanding, it’s normal,” the netizen said.

On the other hand, some netizens suggested that she should consider starting a small business to help her husband out.

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