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M’sian teacher faces dismissal for bringing up issues students face on social media

NewsM'sian teacher faces dismissal for bringing up issues students face on social...

A teacher’s responsibility is to educate students and guide them to the right path. This includes caring for their students’ well being.

However, a teacher who repeatedly raised concerns over the country’s education system is now facing the risk possible dismissal or demotion from the Education Ministry (KPM).

Taking it to his Facebook page, Mohd Fadli Salleh highlighted the several issues that students are currently facing, among them were:

  • Heavy school bags
  • A school syllabus that are too dense and advanced
  • Too many students in each class
  • Students have to study too many subjects
  • Learning time for each subject is insufficient, especially for Mathematics.
  • ‘Little Napoleans’ are in the education ministry destroying the education system.

Mohd Fadli said that before he decided to speak about these issues on social media, he tried reaching out to the education ministry through all the proper channels but did not receive any response from them.

He added that he even brought up the matter during the syllabus upgrading session for mathematics at the district education office in Gombak, which was attended by other mathematics teachers and officers.

He said that even the officers from the ministry could not answer his queries on the syllabus.

“They told me, ‘you need to complain at the right channels, not on Facebook’,” he said.

With this, the Education Ministry accused Mohd Fadli of violating the code of conduct and he will face disciplinary action under Regulation 37, Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) Regulations 1993, which carries a punishment of either getting fired or demoted.

Source: NST

Not the first teacher who raise it

The incident has since attracted the attention of Education Minister Radzi Jidin, who took to his official Facebook page to say he hoped to meet Mohd Fadli to obtain his feedback directly.

“I am interested to know more about this issue that Fadli has raised. If you have the time, let’s meet,” Radzi said.

Nonetheless, this is not the first incident where a teacher had taken to social media to air their grievances.

“Hundreds of other teachers have complained too. However, these honest teachers, who claimed that the ministry’s data is falsified, are silenced with threats of disciplinary action,” Mohd Fadli said.

He said he chosen his legal representative and hope that he would win the case.

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