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Beginning the next year, birth certificates with the newest security features will be issued

NewsBeginning the next year, birth certificates with the newest security features will...

A new version of birth certificates will be issued by the National Registration Department (JPN) starting in 2019. The new document will have some of the newest security measures, including a new watermark to prevent forging, according to Home Affairs Minister Hamzah Zainudin.

“When the document is brought to JPN, we know whether it is authentic or not,” said Hamzah during a press conference that was held earlier today. Additionally, the minister reaffirmed that current birth certificates are still valid for use as identification and do not need to be updated. The updated version of the paper will be given to children who are born in the new year.

The redesigned birth certificates reportedly have a new design, new paper and ink substance for security printing, in addition to the aforementioned watermark. Additionally, Hamzah stated that beginning in 2019, a total of 38 department-issued papers, including as birth certificates and marriage registries, would have improved security elements to retain their security characteristics. He did not, however, go into greater detail about this or indicate whether other documents are on the list.

During the press conference, the minister also said that JPN officials will be dispatched to flood-affected regions as part of the Menyemai Kasih Rakyat (Mekar) programme to assist those who had lost their identity documents as a result of the calamity. Mekar is a project run by the department that offers services including identity card printing, birth and death registration, and advising services to those in need, especially those who live in rural regions.

“JPN officers are ready to look after the interests of the people,” Hamzah said. The minister continued by saying that records like identity cards are crucial for citizens to fulfil their obligations, particularly in light of the impending 5th General Election.

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