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“They’re like chimpanzees!” M’sian condemns the selfish attitude of the B40 community

Social News"They're like chimpanzees!" M'sian condemns the selfish attitude of the B40 community

Earlier, we reported an incident where netizens had apologised for stereotyping brown people and assuming they are often crime offenders. However, it appears that skin colour is not the only stereotype people have.

In a recent Facebook post, a user shared 2 different incidents to express his dissatisfaction with a group of people who he assumes are part of the B40 community, at the same time, condemning them for their selfish behaviour.

According to the Facebook user, both incident took at a popular furniture and home decor store in Kuala Lumpur.

Source: Zomato

Allowing their children to mess around

In the first incident, he shared that how the children from a B40 family was messing around and playing at the iron barricade area for trolleys. He then said that these children are causing disturbance to the other customers who are in the queue.

“Queuing in line to buy food, but they brought their whole village with small children to stand in line. Even more, they allowed their children to climb at the trolley barrier like chimpanzees,” he said.

“When they fell, I said ‘serves you right’, and they went to their mother crying while glaring at me.”

He added that their father was wandering around while playing his phone, and the wife is holding tight to a few RM50 notes as if she is the next to pay at the counter.

“Be patient and keep the money in your bag first, you are still far away from the counter,” the user said.

Stealing chairs

In another incident, the user said he was looking for a table for his family to have their meal when he saw how the B40 community ‘fights’ for seats with other customers.

“After paying, I went looking for a table for my family. I found a round table at the end and when I am about to settle down, an old man came and took all the chairs from my table. I told him that I wanted to use this table and asked why he is taking all the chairs?”

“He carried all the chairs to the table where he was sitting. I wanted to condemn him on the spot but it will cause a drama.”

He then ended the post by saying that it is difficult to change the attitude of the B40 community.

In the comment section, netizens said that these selfish attitudes are not limited to only a certain group in the community, and even those from T20 or M40 would have such people.

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