Sunday, March 26, 2023

Govt lifts ‘Economy class flight’ rule on civil servants, M’sians disagree

NewsGovt lifts 'Economy class flight' rule on civil servants, M'sians disagree

In July this year, the Finance Ministry announced a series of austerity measures to cut the government’s excessive spending. Among the restrictions introduced were that civil servants and recruitment for government positions are only entitled to travel in economy class on flights.

However, it seems that the austerity drive lasted only three months before it was lifted by the government.

In a circular which was dated 3 October, it is said that the government has granted an exception to the amendment made on 14 July regarding the ruling of ‘economy class only irrespective of grade’ air travel for civil servants.

With this, it means civil servants are now entitled to travel via business class based on eligibility, as per the Treasury Circular 2.5 on Official Air Travel Facilities.

Are we rich now?

The news did not sit well with Malaysians, with many taking it online to criticise the government for the unnecessary spending.

“All of a sudden the country is so rich. Do they even deserve business class?” a netizen commented.

“While our money drops like sh*t, many still digging for air. Now, we the working class have to pay for civil servants to fly a business class? What are these people even doing?” another netizen asked.

Meanwhile, some netizens also claimed that this move is merely a tactic to gain the votes of the civil service in the upcoming GE15.

“Why? Is our economy doing very well? If one can fly economy and get work done before this, why suddenly fly business class? Oh.. election freebies,” another netizen said.

Do you think that retracting the austerity measures at this time is a good move? Share your thoughts!

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