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“I regret marrying a Thai woman!” M’sian man shares how he had to do everything for the family, while his wife parties

Social News"I regret marrying a Thai woman!" M'sian man shares how he had...

Husband and wife are supposed to work together to brave any challenges that they are facing. However, if one party decides to not share the responsibility, it would lead to arguments and marital tension.

Recently, a man took to the Facebook confession page Tantan Confessions Malaysia to share his regret over marrying a Thai wife.

In the post, he wrote, “I truly regretted marrying a Thai woman. I was really playful 8 years ago and that is when I met with this Thai girlfriend. We later got married a few years later after finding out that she was pregnant.”

He then shares that he earns about RM9,000 a month but has to take care of all the following expenses and commitments.

  • House instalment: RM2,500
  • Child’s kindergarten fees: RM600
  • Car instalment: RM800
  • Money for wife’s family: RM1,000

One-man show

The man said that his wife went back to Thailand after giving birth and did not return until April this year due to the MCO restrictions.

“After she return to Malaysia, I had to do everything by myself, including getting her visa done, finding a pre-school for my child, and even buying groceries,” he said, adding that he had to do all the house chores because his wife refused to do it.

“All she does is eat her favourite Thai salad and play with her phone.”

He said that he understands that she does not have friends here, but when he tried to get her to meet some of my female friends, she would not even try to socialise. “All she does is sit at a corner and use her phone,” he said.

Just to lazy for everything

The man said he had to work 12-14 hours a day, six days a week, and he hardly had any time left. In addition, he had to send his child to school in the morning and pick him up during his office break time.

“I had tried bringing this up to her and hoped that she would consider getting a driver’s license, but she refused. She is too lazy to even walk to the nearest minimart to buy groceries,” he said.

He also said that his wife is now pressuring him to let her move back to Thailand as she wants to party with her friends there.

“She is not even thinking about our child. She is already close to 30-year-old and has a child, but she still does not know how to think maturely!” he said.

The man said that he tried telling his family about what he is going through but all they do is give him the cold shoulder and he had to bear with this because he married a Thai woman.

Netizens’ advice

In the comment section, netizens advised him that he should stop wasting each others energy and file a divorce.

“If you’re unable to communicate with each other, I’d suggest for you to not waste your time. As for the child, I think you should just keep them with you,” a netizen said.

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