Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Double Decker Bus Roof ‘Stuck’ Under This Bridge

Social NewsDouble Decker Bus Roof 'Stuck' Under This Bridge

Everyone knows that each tunnel under the bridge has a certain height limit.

Normally, this tunnel will place a height limit sign to prevent vehicles from getting stuck. However, it is also the responsibility of the driver to be aware of the carrying height limit.

Recently, a TikTok video showing a double-decker bus getting stuck under a bridge due to its height exceeding 3.7 meters went viral on the social media platform, with many netizens amused by the incident.

Check out the full video below:

It is possible that the bus driver forgot that he was driving a double decker bus.

Through a video uploaded by @sukhpatwari_, it appears that he shows the situation of a bus stuck under a bridge on Jalan Pudu.

The situation sparked a conversation among netizens. Some have suggested that the driver may have previously driven a single-decker bus. Because of that, he dared to drive on that road.

Height limit

However, this should not happen and the bus driver should be aware of the height limit of the bus being carried.

“The case used to come back. There used to be a lot of Rapid buses going down there, the case was excited to bring a double decker until I couldn’t see the height.” a netizen said.

After the video went viral, the video has now reached 1.1M views, 31.8K likes and 828 comments on TikTok. Average netizens shared their opinions about the incident.

Below are some of the comments from netizens on TikTok:

Hopefully after this incident, the bus driver will be more sensitive and careful.

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