Thursday, March 30, 2023

Balenciaga’s new RM8.5k bag is inspired by Lay’s Chips

Social NewsBalenciaga's new RM8.5k bag is inspired by Lay's Chips

Lay’s potato chip handbags from Balenciaga reportedly cost $1,800 (RM8.5k).

If you want to own one of Balenciaga’s new purses with a Lay’s theme, you’ll need to dip into your money.

The high-end design brand recently unveiled a number of handbags that resemble potato chip bags, but are far more pricey. The cost of the luxury purses is rumoured to be $1,800 (RM8.5k).

The leather clutches have a glossy, crinkly feel similar to a Lay’s bag and come in different colours that correspond to different chip varieties. Instead of a specific flavour, the bags in this instance feature the brand Balenciaga.

The packaging makes it obvious that the company had a craving for a number of Lay’s tastes, including the following fan favourites: Salt & Vinegar, Limón, Classic, and Flamin’ Hot.

Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga, recently shared a photo of the collection on Instagram, showing his fans the collection’s silver inside and the back’s nutritional details. The bags were also introduced by the company at a recent fashion presentation.

The Lay’s team also released a clip of Balenciaga models walking down the runway holding the rumpled bags to entice potential customers until the bags go on sale in full next summer.

You’re not the only one who is wondering what could possibly have driven a designer to make a bag that looks like a Lay’s bag. Many people remarked on Gvasalia’s Instagram post about the unusual adornment.

“At this point I think Balenciaga is a social experiment 😂,” one critic weighed in. “Please don’t 🤮,” another wrote.

After looking at the bags, some social media users had a few suggestions for the brand.

“Can y’all actually fill it to the top with chips? Cause I’m tired. I’ll be your biggest supporter 🙏🏽,” one commented. Another wrote, “Waiting for the bbq flavor 👏.”

Meanwhile, other Instagram users got cheeky in the comments section, sharing creative captions.

“Ba~Lays~iaga,” one wrote. Another chimed in, writing, “Bet you cant have just one ☝️….Bag 👝🤭🤭🤭.”

If the bags truly do cost more than $2,000 (RM9,400), it’s a steep price to pay to demonstrate your love of potato chips. But let’s be honest, a Lay’s-inspired handbag is much more attractive than a pigeon-shaped pocketbook.

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