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“I don’t want to see you here tomorrow!” Nasi lemak stall owner threatens others for stealing her spot

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Location is one of the most important aspects when you are starting a business with a physical presence. However, some are willing to go all out to threaten people just to secure themselves a good spot for their stall.

Recently, a video showed a nasi lemak stall owner throwing a tantrum at another stall owner for selling the same dish as hers, although the stall is located a few hundred metres away from hers.

The video has since gone viral on social media, with many netizens condemning the woman for thinking that the road belongs to her and only she can sell nasi lemak in the area.

“Malaysia is a free country. If you want to do business, compete healthily. Offer products that taste better, and attract customers with nice packaging and side dishes. There’s no need to fight other the spot,” a netizen said.

What happened?

In the viral video, the woman can be heard accusing the man of messing with their business sales. After the heated discussion, she even said, “I don’t want to see you selling nasi lemak here tomorrow!”

Despite facing the threats, the other nasi lemak seller maintained his cool and asked her to not disturb his business.

“The issue is right is that you are selling the same thing I am selling! The local council (DBKL) already asked us the other day.” 

“I don’t want to see this nasi lemak stall starting tomorrow, understand? DBKL told you right? They said I have authority here,” the woman in the black hijab said. 

In response, the woman behind the camera, who is also part of the other nasi lemak crew, demanded the woman to return to her stall and not cause further trouble.

“Fine, I will close these two shops. Go back to your stall now because I am not even bothering you,” the woman said, adding that she opened the stall here based on a customer’s request.

As the conversation is not going her way, the angry woman said, “Don’t give excuses! I open my stall at 8 am every day and I don’t want to see you selling nasi lemak here starting tomorrow. It is up to you to do business but I would not disturb other people’s business!”

In reply, the other nasi lemak seller said, “Please don’t be like this aunty, everyone’s rezeki is different. I come here and out of a sudden you’re screaming at me.”

Nonetheless, it is understood that the stall has been reprimanded by DBKL several times, causing the woman to be dissatisfied.

Watch the viral video here:

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