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“Beautiful mountains in Ipoh are turning bald!” M’sians express disappointment over the authorities lack of effort to preserve environment

Social News"Beautiful mountains in Ipoh are turning bald!" M'sians express disappointment over the...

If you are driving to Ipoh via the North-South expressway, you’ll see a a continuous stretch of beautiful lush and green mountains. However, the wonderful view is had turned into short and bald mountains.

In a Facebook post, Perak Press shared a series of photos that showed the current situation of the mountains at Ipoh and instead of the lush and green forests, what is left was the brown and rocky mountains.

In the comment section, netizens were quick to express their disappointment with the local authorities for failing to protect the environment.

Source: Facebook

“What you see here is only in Ipoh. If you go around the whole of Perak, you will notice that everything had been destroyed. Looking at the bald hills and mountains here pains me. It’s not like back then,” a netizen said.

“It hurts to see Ipoh’s nature being destroyed. I’m among the lucky ones who managed to feel and see Ipoh’s natural beauty before it goes extinct in the name of development,” another netizen said.

Source: Facebook

Perak supporting the development of the nation

Meanwhile, one netizen pointed out that Perak had been the main producer of construction materials to entire west Malaysia.

“It’s hard to say but that is the truth. Perak has been supplying construction materials to the whole semenanjung for decades,” a netizen said.

On the other hand, some netizens said that there is a need to balance development and preserving the environment.

“Setting up a Geopark will not obstruct the extraction of earth sources but it must be with sustainable quarrying. If it is a source of heritage that needs to be preserved then it is not supposed destroyed. It needs to be a win-win situation,” one netizen said.

Unfortunately, the damage done is not reversible and what we can do now is pressure the authorities to implement sustainability in their planning.

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