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Kedah man sent to hospital after getting ring stuck on his genitalia, firefighters called to rescue by hospital

Social NewsKedah man sent to hospital after getting ring stuck on his genitalia,...

A man in Kedah was sent to the hospital after a penis ring got stuck in his genitalia.

Unfortunate, the hospital was not well equipped to handle such a situation, so they contacted the firefighter team to help remove the ring.

According to Utusan, Kedah Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (Operations) Senior Fire Superintendent I Mohamadul Ehsan Mohd Zain said the Alor Setar Fire & Rescue Department received an emergency call regarding the incident at 12:45 am on Wednesday (12 October).

After arriving at the hospital, the firemen found the 29-year-old man with a ring on his genitalia and was waiting in pain for the accessory to be removed.

It was reported that the firemen used a piece of special equipment to cut the accessory and remove it from the man’s genitalia.

Mohamadul Ehsan added that the firemen had to be careful when carrying out the procedure to avoid injuring the man’s genitalia and skin.

It took the firemen 15 minutes to remove the ring, but the firemen did not reveal the reason why the ring was stuck in the man’s genitalia.

Why penis ring can be harmful?

Penis ring are designed to trap blood inside the genitalia in order to maintain an erection, or encourage a stronger erection.

However, there is also a real danger from doing this. If a penis ring is left on too long, it could result in impotency or worse, amputation due to damaged nerves and blood supply.

In the worst case, when a man leaves it on for more than a day, the constriction would become tighter and it would start eroding into the genitalia, infecting it and it becomes necrotic.

Meanwhile, metal rings pose a bigger risk as these cannot be easily cut, even at hospitals, most of them do not have the necessary tools.

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