Thursday, March 30, 2023

“My urges vanished!” Netizen shares how she found a restroom without cubicles

Social News“My urges vanished!” Netizen shares how she found a restroom without cubicles

Most would expect some privacy when we are doing our business in the restroom. However, a netizen recently found a public restroom that has a peculiar design.

Sharing her experience on TikTok, user @ainishangloo said that she had to stop her car at a petrol station to release her urges there. However, she later decided not to do it after she opened the doors of the restroom.

To her surprise, the restroom did not have any partitions or cubicles to give users some privacy. In fact, the restroom had enough space to allow three individuals to make use of it at any given time — two sit-down toilet bowls and a raised squat toilet to a corner.

“My urge to use the washroom just vanished!” she said.

Hilarious possibilities

The 12-second video has since gone viral, with making hilarious jokes about the restroom and the potential theories as to why the restroom did not have any cubicles.

“They ordered their partition from Shopee and it has not arrive! You can chat with the people next to you while waiting, ask them about where they’re headed back,” a netizen said.

“The engineer forgot to include partitions in the floorplan. That is why this happened,” another netizen said.

“Networking friendly!” one netizen joked.

Meanwhile, a netizens said that this restroom can be found at the Kota Warisan Shell petrol station and it is still under renovation.

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