Friday, January 27, 2023

“Better work-life balance in M’sia” Singaporean explains why he chooses Malaysia over Singapore

Social News"Better work-life balance in M'sia" Singaporean explains why he chooses Malaysia over...

While most Malaysians are going across the Causeway to work and earn the Singaporean Dollar, one Singaporean explains why Malaysia is a better place than Singapore.

In a viral TikTok video, TikTok user @hasanithnin said that he often hears how Malaysians say they want to leave their home country to look for jobs in Singapore due to the exchange rate.

He then turns the camera to his Singaporean friend, Hayyum, who shares his opinion which is against what most Malaysians are thinking.

Hayyum acknowledges that while the Singaporean dollar is worth much more than the Ringgit, he still chooses to stay in Malaysia over Singapore. The reason? Work-life balance.

He shared that he had Malaysian friends who travel to Singapore to work and despite the higher exchange rate, the friend still struggles to make ends meet.

“If you think about it, the minimum wage in Singapore is SGD1,500 while Malaysia’s minimum wage is RM1,500. However, the Singaporean value seems bigger due to the conversion rate,” he said.

“Because you are working in Singapore, you will need to spend their money in the country on food, transport, and other miscellaneous items.”

No work-life balance in Singapore

He shared that, however, one key difference he noted is the quality of life, where his friend who is earning a minimum wage in Malaysia gets to see his friends and family, while those in Singapore might only have the opportunity to see their child once a week.

Hayyum, who was from Singapore, said that he would choose Malaysian over Singapore as he wants to be able to spend enough time with his friends and family while facing less stress.

While Hayyum did make an important point where work-life balance is still an important aspect of life, it really comes down to what you want in life. For those who need the money, working in Singapore may be the better option.

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