Thursday, March 30, 2023

Watch: M’sians welcome white tourist but criticise when someone brown visits

Social NewsWatch: M'sians welcome white tourist but criticise when someone brown visits

Despite Malaysia being a multi-racial and multi-ethnic society where different races live together in harmony and peace, stereotyping and racism still exist among the communities.

Nonetheless, this stereotyping is not limited to the different communities in the nation, but against foreigners too.

Recently, a Twitter page called @BigIdeasMY shared a video that compares Malaysians’ reactions towards foreigners leaving their home countries for Malaysia. Unfortunately, the responses again showed how racist Malaysians are, or at least a fraction of them.

“Malaysians are nice to foreigners only if they’re white,” the tweet reads.

“Don’t believe me? Watch this video. A white dude came to Malaysia and received tons of welcoming replies on TikTok. Meanwhile a Nepalese dude left his country to find a job here and most Malaysians made fun of him.”

The video compared two foreigners from different countries, one from France, and the other from Nepal. Both videos had one thing in common — people leaving their home country to visit Malaysia, with tons of comments from Malaysian netizens.

Despite both were visiting Malaysia, one would easily notice the contrast in the comments.

The comment section of the video of the French man received numerous welcomes from Malaysians as they wished him a great time in the country. On the other hand, the video by the Nepalese man received several negative comments on his spelling, outlook, outfit and many more.

This shows that Malaysians are more biased towards white-skinned people.

Racism or white supremacy?

Meanwhile, the criticisms did not stop there. In respond to the tweet, netizens claimed that most westerners bring money into the country and spend it here, but people from Nepal, Indonesia, and Pakistan are here to work and send money back home.

“I know someone who spends 20% of their salary here and sends home the remaining 80%. How would our economy grow?” a netizen said.

However, other netizens were quick to disagree with his remarks and said that westerners too, send home most of their earnings and worse, they are earning several times more than those from other Asian countries.

Some netizens pointed out that this is just white supremacy and it exists in all parts of the world, not just Malaysia.

We hope this video will be an eye-opener for all Malaysians to treat people fairly, regardless of their skin colour.

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