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Watch: Flood victim in Ipoh sobs during interview, said he lost everything to the worst flood in 30 years

Social NewsWatch: Flood victim in Ipoh sobs during interview, said he lost everything...

Last Tuesday (4 October), the continuous heavy downpour at the Chepor Structured Village Plan in Ipoh had lead to a flash flood in the area. It was also reported that the incident was the worst in the past 30 years.

The incident has also caused 98 people from 33 families to be evacuated to a relief centre set up at the SK Sri Klebang. After the water subsides, residents were allowed to return home to clean their house compound and have a fresh start.

In an interview with Astro Awani, one of the victims, Muhammad Khairiri Jamaluddin uncontrollably teared up and sobbed as he expressed his thoughts and feeling when being asked by the reporter how the flood had impacted him and his household.

Khairiri can be seen having difficulty in describing the damage done by the floods. He said that most of his personal belongings, as well as his furniture, are now gone, on the lorry that is there to collect all the ruined items.

Meanwhile, other interviewees also expressed sorrow after having to witness their home in such a state. Some also called on the government to deepen the river to prevent such disasters again.

Floods and GE15

The short video touched the hearts of many Malaysians who took it online to express sympathy for the victims of the flood.

Some netizens were quick to condemn politicians for pushing the general election instead of putting effort into flood prevention.

“In KL, we’ve got politicians too hungry for power to even be bothered by people like Khairiri and their losses,” a netizen said.

“Some people don’t even have savings, especially in the rural area, and in their head GE is more important,” another netizen said.

Some netizens also quoted UMNO president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for his insistence on calling for a general election this year and said that the floods are a myth plotted by the Opposition.

We genuinely hope that the authorities would put more effort into preventing floods and not focusing on power grabbing at such urgent times.

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