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Lok-lok stall owner chides M’sians for breaking bamboo skewer after finish eating, gets slammed by netizens for poor hygiene awareness instead

Social NewsLok-lok stall owner chides M’sians for breaking bamboo skewer after finish eating,...

Lok-lok is one of the most popular street food in Malaysia. The dish consists of various steamboat-style food, including meat and vegetables that are served on a skewer in mobile form.

However, some have the habit of snapping the skewers into two after finishing the food on them. This ‘practice’ had then left some lok-lok stall owners upset.

In a Facebook post on the Facebook group KL娱乐站, a frustrated stall owner condemned those customers who break the skewers into two after eating what was on them. She added that the skewers are part of the business’ setup cost and it is immoral to destroyed other people’s property.

“Only Malaysians would do such a thing. We need these skewers to operate our business and they are not for you to break it! Return it to us when you’re done eating!” the stall owner wrote.

She then asked if anybody would break the spoons and forks at a restaurant to prevent the restaurant from ‘reusing’ them.

“No one in their right mind would use the skewer as a toothpick or chew on it,” she said.

That’s the point of breaking it!

The post has since gone viral on the social media platform, where netizens slammed the stall owner for the lack of hygiene awareness.

“This is why I do not eat lok-lok and satay celup. Almost all of them are the same. If you look it through, the colour of the skewer had turned brown, but they are still using it,” a netizen said.

“That’s the main point of breaking the skewers! It is to prevent you from reusing it. This is a single-use item and should not be recycled. Don’t you think it’s disgusting to reuse it? Where’s your hygiene awareness,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, some netizens asked if the customers took home the lok-lok, along with the skewers.

Nonetheless, bamboo skewers are disposable items that are not made reusable. Due to their porous nature, tiny elements are easily soaked into the skewers and repeatedly used can lead to serious health problems.

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