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M’sian arrested after tweeting about Melaka governor’s convoy, police say they are just following orders

Social NewsM’sian arrested after tweeting about Melaka governor’s convoy, police say they are...

Special officer to Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari, who goes by the name Jay Jay Denis on Twitter has been arrested by the police for a tweet he made a month ago about the convoy of Melaka governor Ali Rustam.

Taking it to Twitter, Jay shared that three officers from IPD Alor Gajah had detained him and brought him to Melaka to help in an investigation of a police report lodged against him.

Elaborating further, he said the report was linked to his tweet on 6 September, where he shared a video showing the Melaka governor leaving a restaurant in Medan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

“Just witnessed one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in my life. A car with plate number VFD1 has a convoy of eight police outriders and three escort vehicles was seen blocking traffic on the Sprint Highway before making a U-turn.”

“I thought there was an important official national function. But no, he was there for a family dinner,” he said.

In a separate tweet, Jay said he was finally released but his smartphone was confiscated.

“Come to think of it, for something silly. But I was told repeatedly the police had no choice but to do this as the orders came from Melaka’s most powerful folks. But this has renewed my energy to fight this corrupt system and that corrupt party UMNO with all I have,” he said.

According to Free Malaysia Today, Denis’s lawyer, Ambiga Sreenevasan, said he was being investigated under the Penal Code for statements conducive to public mischief.

Streisand effect

Following the police report, the bad publicity caught the attention of the netizens, with many condemning the authorities and those in power for arresting the wrong person.

“Actually that video won’t had that many view if Jay Jay was not detained. Now we have 200,000 over view. Well, keep RT’ing and let the world see it. No news becomes news now,” a netizen said.

“Someone does not want you to see this tweet about Ali Rustam abusing his power with police outriders. They’re even harrassing Jay Jay Denis by taking him in. Wouldn’t it be pretty embarrassing if everyone were to retweet Jay Jay Denis’s tweet instead? Backfire due to attention?” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, the electoral reform group Bersih issued a statement to condemn Jay’s arrest. It said that state governors were also public servants receiving taxpayers’ money and they are not above criticism.

“Taking their power for granted and attempting to silence legitimate criticism will only undermine the legitimacy of the state level’s highest public office and even parliamentary democracy.”

“Bersih is alarmed that such a benign tweet would invite disproportionate retaliation, with three officers showing up to arrest a citizen for speaking up against a public official,” it said.

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